ADS Piering

 Tel: 02 9666 9755

Ground Retention Specialists

We offer piering, shoring and underpinning solutions for difficult and restricted access sites and situations, carried out by a dedicated and experienced team.

Mainly restricting our operations to an area that stretches from Sydney Harbour in the north to Botany Bay in the south, we know the ground like no other and, importantly, what is likely to be encountered beneath it.

So, for any project that needs a well thought out piering, shoring or underpinning solution within our area, contact us for a consultation or quote as we have the experience garnered from the successful completion of many unusual and challenging projects to be best able to help you with your sub surface needs.

We can also be a cost effective alternative on sites with adequate access for heavy piling machinery due to our work ethic and efficiency.

And for something that may seem impossible to you, we might just have the answer.

Many companies in the industry shy away from jobs that seem too difficult but we relish the challenge of finding a safe and cost effective solution to bring a project to a successful conclusion for our clients.

Piering, shoring and underpinning by hand should only be undertaken by experts as mistakes by inexperienced operators can be extremely costly, if not disastrous. So don't take the risk: Contact us and benefit from our experienced, hard working and friendly team
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