ADS Piering

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Professional Partners

We work with builders, engineers and architects to find the best sub soil structural solutions to help you successfully complete your project. The experience we bring is one of our greatest assets and it benefits our clients as much as ourselves.

We have solid working relationships with a variety of high quality contractors involved in the rock anchoring and shotcreting industry, so we can either incorporate them into our contract package or advise you who we believe is best suited and equipped to supply any additional related services.

Access is often a major problem in the Eastern areas of Sydney, so manual piling is the only possible method of piering, especially in the early stages prior to excavation, etc. But we are sometimes a cost effective alternative on sites with ample access and cause far less damage and upheaval than large piling rigs, their support vehicles and equipment. In suburban areas this and our quiet work method are often an asset.

We also supply compact concrete pumps which are perfectly suited to the work we do and, again, cause far less disruption than bigger truck mounted units.

For more than twenty years we have undertaken some of the most difficult and awkward projects and have always brought them to a successful conclusion.